Monday, November 21, 2011

Night time is the right time for OK-SEX!

F-Air is the biggest FTO operating in central Europe and operates a large fleet that includes 15 Tecnam aeroplanes, head quartered at Benešov Airfield (near Prague) in the Czech Republic.

If you’re looking for OK-SEX, you need to head to F-Air’s Flight School branch at Brno-Tuřany International airport.

The photo of OK-SEX was taken at dusk at just as another student was preparing for a VFR night training session. With lower training and operating costs than Cessna 150’s for example, F-Air and its Tecnam fleet are proving to be extremely popular.
So in the words of F Air's Martin Kubovčiak it’s "For SEX to Brno"!

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  1. Sad that the wheel fairings of P2002 are so weekly made that now SEX and many other P2002s fly with bare main wheels just after several flight hours. Is that plane grass operation approved or it isn't? It looks not so SEXy without the wheel fairings. If Tecnam is serious company they should do something to keep the fairings where they should stay even during grass rwy operations.