Monday, May 12, 2014

"If I can fly a plane, what else can I do?"

A spectacular sight over the ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ as G-UCAN Aerobility’s first P2002JF is photographed on its delivery flight to the UK.

This specially adapted Tecnam P2002JF is the first worldwide CS-VLA certified aircraft factory built with disabled hand controls (EASA approval certificate No. 10048554) and will
enable Aerobility to to expand its programme to allow disabled people, irrespective of disability, to enjoy the pleasure of flight.

About Aerobility "...the home of disabled flying"
Aerobility is a registered UK based charity founded in 1993 offering disabled people, without exception, the opportunity to fly an aeroplane.
For some, just that amazing first flight is enough to change their outlook on disability forever:

Others, realising that the fantasy of flight is truly in their grasp, decide to continue their training - many all the way to securing a Private Pilot's Licence, some even with an outlook to commercial flying.
Aerobility provides 'experience of a lifetime' trial flying lessons for as many terminally ill and disabled people as possible.

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